Lavender Fields of Furano Travel Guide

Lavender Fields of Furano
Enjoy the gentle summer breeze blowing through the fields of blooming lavender from June to July in Hokkaido.

Visit Furano and you’ll appreciate the well-kept scenery, floral aroma, and creative lavender-flavored refreshments. With the fame of Furano’s lavender fields that share the popularity as the cherry blossoms in Japan, spring is no longer the only season for visitors to enjoy the “hanami”. It might be frustrating to be heavily sweating in the summer heat, then why not visit the northern part of Japan where the climate is cooler than the mainland? A beautifully-kept lavender field in Hokkaido will be a good place to refresh yourself.

The Furano area in Hokkaido has been known as a popular spot for lavender cultivation which serves as both agricultural products and tourist attractions. There are several lavender fields throughout the Furano you can visit; the most famous one is Farm Tomita. The budget-friendly attraction is free to enter, while you can spend your pennies on lavender products from the souvenir shops and satisfy your taste buds by having unique lavender-infused food like soft-serve ice cream.. Besides that, the ski lift ride in Choei Lavender Farm will give you a bird’s-eye view of the bountiful flowers while the observation deck of Hinode Lavender Garden is also a great viewpoint from which to gaze out at the sea of deep-purple blossoms.

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