Shirogane Blue Pond Travel Guide

Shirogane Blue Pond
Drift into this mystical area where you can find this cobalt blue pond, a secluded hidden gem for those seeking tranquility and clarity of mind

Visit any time of the year; Shirogane Blue Pond has its own distinctive charms during different seasons. In spring, the last hint of white frost compliments the strikingly blue lake, while the lush green forest is reflected in its waters in summer. When autumn arrives, the beautiful lake will be surrounded by amber foliage that creates a sentimental and cozy feeling. Lastly, during the arguably best season to visit Hokkaido, come to see the dreamy frozen blue pond illuminated by the pure white snow, like something out of a fairytale. No matter what time of year, you can experience a captivating moment here.

After admiring the splendid blue pond, visit the nearby attractions to make a perfect day trip in this laid-back town of Biei. Embrace the extraordinary beauty of nature with a spectacular view of Mount Tokachi from the observation deck, and the Shirahige Falls where you can see streams flowing down, resembling a white beard. Visit the flower field in the summer blossoms, especially the colorful “Patchwork Road.” Then, warm up and relax in the Shirogane Onsen to relieve all the tiredness and stress from a long trip.

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