Unkai Terrace Travel Guide

Unkai Terrace
The white, wispy, cotton balls that float in the air make up Unkai Terrace, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing sea of clouds during the day.

Plan your trip at the end of spring through the end of summer and enjoy a cup of coffee at Unkai Terrace. Depending on the day, visitors who come early can witness the sea of clouds engulfing the scenery. The terrace is placed 1088 meters above sea level, making it the perfect height to feel you are touching the clouds.

Unkai Terrace is near Tomamu Mountain Resort, so visitors can choose to stay at the hotel or come from other locations of Hokkaido. Special events sometimes take place at Unkai Terrace, including relaxing yoga classes where you can bask beneath the sun. The Cloud Walk is a new addition to the Terrace, where visitors can have the experience of walking on clouds, feeling like they’re on cloud nine. Relax on the Cloud Pool or head over to the Cloud Wedge to take the perfect Instagram photo, as its shape allows the clouds to make the perfect background.

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