Mount Rokko Travel Guide

Mount Rokko
The highest of the Rokko mountain range offers a glorious view, especially at sundown when the lights of Kobe and Osaka twinkle below.

Mount Rokko is close to the cities of Kobe and Osaka and is the highest peak in the Rokko mountain range. Panoramic views of the cities below can be enjoyed from the mountain top and are particularly awe-inspiring at sunrise and sunset. When the sun sets you can watch the cities below come to life as the streetlights light up like stars beneath you; it’s quite the sight.

There are various small and somewhat random attractions that can be found at the top of the mountain such as a botanical garden, a tourist complex with a few restaurants and shops, a Japan’s first golf course, a music box museum and a pasture with flowers and some sheep. You can also find an observation deck which is another great place to take in the view. A bus line running in a clockwise direction connects the quirky attractions to the top stations of the Rokko Cablecar (which is more like a tram and goes to central Kobe) and the Rokko Arima Ropeway (which is more of a cable car, going to Arima Onsen).

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