Hitachi Seaside Park Travel Guide

Hitachi Seaside Park
An extensive oceanside park which boasts incredible flower displays, family-friendly entertainment, and wide open green spaces.

Located near the city of Mito, this park is one of the most popular places in the region to pass a sunny afternoon. It covers a space of 350 hectares and has numerous flower displays strewn throughout. The most significant of these is the signature blue nemophila, which blooms all over Miharashi Hill in spring.

Throughout the year, you’ll be able to witness the full botanical cycle of the seasons among the colorful plants here, as well as some excellent ocean views. To find your way around, there’s a network of walking and cycling paths which criss-cross the park. Bikes can be rented for around 450 yen for 3 hours, and you’ll probably be glad you did so when you see the sheer size of this place; there are 11km of cycling paths alone!

There’s also an amusement park within the grounds, featuring a Ferris wheel, putting course, roller coaster, and more. If you’d rather just kick back and enjoy the sights with zero effort, then hop on the train which skirts around the perimeter of the park instead.

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