Oarai Isosaki Shrine Travel Guide

Oarai Isosaki Shrine
A seaside shrine with spectacular sunrises, Oarai Isosaki Shrine is one of the older Shinto sites in the region.

Located in Oarai City, this shrine is known as a spot of powerful mystical energy. Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, you’ll still be able to appreciate the beauty of this seaside spiritual spot. The shrine was built in the 9th century and dedicated to the gods of medicine and marriage, making it a popular wedding spot throughout the years.

It boasts three different tori gates spread along its ground, one of which frames a fantastic view of the Pacific: the kamiiso-no-torii. Another of its more unique features are the guardian statues which flank the entrance; here you’ll find a group of friendly frogs, rather than the usual lions.

If you’re able to get up early enough, then there are some fantastic sunrises to be seen here. Many locals come here on new year’s day to catch the very first sunrise of the year and to pray for good fortune in the year ahead.

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