Shiroyone Senmaida Travel Guide

Shiroyone Senmaida
Traditionally harvested by hand, Shiroyone Senmaida in Ishikawa is a working rice terrace that slopes down the hillside to the Sea of Japan, offering beautiful views in different seasons.

Halfway along the west coast of Noto Peninsula in northern Ishikawa Prefecture, Shiroyone Senmaida is a picturesque scene of terraced rice paddies overlooking the sea of Japan, tiered down the hillside. As Senmaida literally means “a thousand rice paddies,” the vast area is made up of over 2,000 small rice paddies gently descending towards the water. Each sized at approximately 6 square meters, the collective paddies create a breathtaking view of organized nature, explored by small paths that wind throughout and down to the ocean. Due to the small size of each paddy, the rice fields at Senmaida are worked by hand, with planting assisted by volunteers, and then local farmers harvest the rice in the fall using traditional hand tools. During the colder months, the rice fields are beautifully illuminated with lights at night, and in spring or summer, it’s a stunning spot to watch the sunset. Further towards the tip of Noto Peninsula, Okunoto Salt Farms also use traditional salt gathering techniques at Suzu Enden Mura.

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