Naoshima Travel Guide

Come to Naoshima for a quick getaway from the bustling city life and enjoy the serene waters and beautiful modern artwork, sculptures, and architecture.

Naoshima is located in the Seto Inland Sea and is best known as Japan’s art island. A short ferry ride from Honshu, Naoshima can be enjoyed by art lovers and visitors alike. Galleries such as the Art House Project give artists around the country the chance to showcase their work. Spanning across seven locations within walking distance of each other, discover the Art House Project by foot while you explore the residential area. Many local business owners, some from Tokyo and Osaka, have opened cozy cafes here where you can enjoy a warm lunch.

Benesse House is the island’s main attraction and centerpiece. It operates as a museum and a hotel, perfect for guests planning to stay on the island. With its location on top of a hill, visitors can look out into the beautiful blue sea. There are more art pieces located on its lawn, including the famous pumpkin sculpture from Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. Enjoy the facilities in Benesse House such as the restaurants, cafes, shops, and spa offered to guests and visitors.

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