Shodoshima Angel Road Travel Guide

Shodoshima Angel Road
Enjoy the warmth of the sand on your feet as you walk down Angel Road, a long sand bar with a spectacular scenic view of the bright blue water and green islands beckoning on the horizon.

Shodoshima Island is famous for its beautiful scenery, which have inspired scenes in the famous film Twenty-Four Eyes and Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. The island is also known as one of the two places in Japan to grow olives and gives visitors the opportunity to make their own olive oil. One of the best places to visit on this island is Angel Road, the 500 meter long sandbar which connects three smaller islands, including Shodoshima Island.

Angel Road only appears twice a day when the tide is low. There is a legend that states if you walk on this road with your significant other, your wishes will come true. Because of this legend, many couples come here to walk along the sand and take gorgeous pictures with the blue water with the sun reflecting off it. Go to Promising Hill Vista Point after Angel Road to see the entire stretch of the sandbar and also ring the bell with your partner to wish for eternal love.

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