Hirome Market Travel Guide

Hirome Market
Get a taste of the good life at a market dedicated to showcasing the delicious food, fantastic culture, and friendly nature of Kochi Prefecture.

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Go back in time during a meal at one of the few places serving original Tosa cuisine.
Dinner: ¥6,000-7,999

Down by Kochi Castle, in the vibrant downtown of the city, you’ll hear the hubbub coming from this covered market before you step foot inside. Founded in the late 90s as a place to celebrate the food and culture of the region, it’s now a favorite local hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Here around 60 vendors ply their trade, selling a great choice of affordable dishes and drinks. You’ll find all of the standard street food favorites like takoyaki, as well as some of the best local offerings like “Kochi dorome” fried sardines.

In laidback Kochi, people don’t have quite the same hangups about talking to strangers as in Tokyo, so you’ll find the atmosphere along the long tables of Hirome Market among the most welcoming in the country. Grab some yakitori, a glass or two of beer, and settle down to enjoy the atmosphere — you might even meet your new best Japanese friend while you’re at it!

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