Kumamoto Castle Travel Guide

Kumamoto Castle
Known as one of the most ancient and grand-looking buildings in Japan, the imposing Kumamoto Castle has been proudly guarding the city throughout history.

Nearby Restaurants


Edomae Sengoku

Experience the artistry of Edomae sushi in Kumamoto City during a traditional dining experience where a master chef with over 30 years of expertise prepares exquisite sushi.
Dinner: ¥15,000-20,000

Barron Steak House

Dive into a true fine dining experience with perfectly grilled meat and a wide range of wines.
Dinner: ¥40,000-50,000

Sushi Nakamura

A north Kumamoto sushiya with a Michelin star and fantastic pricing.
Dinner: ¥10,000-14,999


Authentic Kyo ryori (Kyoto cuisine) without having to leave sunny Kyushu — this kaiseki restaurant recreates the Kyoto style with ease.
Dinner: ¥8,000-9,999

Surrounded by plentiful cherry trees, the hilltop castle is a famous “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) spot for tourists to enjoy the sakura blossoms in the spring and shades of red and yellow during the fall. The raven-black castle stands out against the vibrant natural surroundings that makes it an iconic picture for postcards.

Although most of the indoor areas are closed due to the serious damage caused by the 2016 earthquake, a walkway to the main keep is opened to the public during a limited time (Sunday, selected Saturdays and national holidays). Also, the impressive exterior of the castle can still be viewed from outside around Ninomaru Square and Kato Shrine. If you are yearning for a great view of the entire city, the city hall located just opposite the castle offers an observation area upon the 14th floor that will fulfill your wish.

While enjoying the glorious view of the castle, don’t forget to try out the local traditional cuisine, Honmaru Gozen, which was a traditional banquet enjoyed by samurai. It is available at the restaurant inside the castle so you can feast like a Japanese warrior.

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