Kurokawa Onsen Travel Guide

Kurokawa Onsen
Follow in the sandaled footsteps of the historic elite of Kumamoto by bathing in these scenic and rejuvenating hot springs.

One of the most celebrated hot spring resorts in Kyushu, and all of Japan for that matter, Kurokawa Onsen is hidden away among the lofty heights of the Aso mountains. Those who manage the trip are welcomed by a fantastic range of baths to choose from. Outdoor pools towards the edges of town offer fantastic views of the mountains, while the central baths of the town scream old-Japan charm.

The majority of the baths admit day visitors, but if you fancy spending a little extra time here then why not book a room in one of the traditional ryokan inns attached? There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a historic tatami mat room in your yukata robe after a long, hard day of bathing.

The town also has a system which lets you pay in advance to visit three onsen of your choice, by purchasing a tegata — kind of a like a little wooden charm which acts as your ticket. The best part is that it only costs 1300 yen! That means a full day of rest and relaxation here will only set you back about the same as a sushi lunch.

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