Futami Okitama Shrine Travel Guide

Futami Okitama Shrine
Enjoy the glistening waters of Mie while visiting Futami Okitama Shrine, known for bringing good fortune to couples and happy marriages.

Futami Okitama Shrine is known for the large and small rocks located in the sea. The rocks are called Meoto-Iwa (the wedded rocks) and are placed right next to each other with the Shimenawa rope connecting the two. These rocks symbolize the union of the creators of Japan, Izanagi (male) and Izanami(female). The Shimenawa rope represents the tie between men and women during their marriage. The most popular time to visit the shrine is during the Summer Solstice since the sun rises in between the rocks.

The shrine itself is a step away from Meoto-Iwa and is known for the hundreds of frogs that surround the premises. The Japanese term for frog is “kaeru” which also means “to return,” so the frog is a symbol of the safe return of people or things to where they came from. Futami Okitama Shrine is dedicated to the Shinto gods Sarutahiko and Ukanomitama. Many couples come and visit this shrine to wish for a happy marriage and a good relationship.

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