Zao Fox Village Travel Guide

Zao Fox Village
Immerse yourself in the world of lively auburn “kitsune” foxes, a symbol of Japanese traditional culture, alongside the picturesque mountains of Miyagi.

Instead of pet cafes or the Nara deer park, a fresh option for animal lovers is the Zao Fox Village which offers a rare opportunity for visitors to observe cute but wild foxes up close. In Japan, “Kitsune” is known as an intelligent celestial creature and is related to Japanese traditional folklore.

Witnessing kitsune, commonly seen as statues in Japanese temples, in real life will be an astonishing experience for visitors to Japan. Stepping into the village with a camera and a handful of fox food, you’ll be greeted by the adorable smiling faces of those foxes as you join them, wandering freely through the outdoors.

The attraction is available all year round, but it is most recommended to visit in winter as visitors can track the little pawprints on the fluffy pathway, while the blinding white snow is a great backdrop to contrast with the hazel furry creatures. While it is highly regrettable that you can’t take them back home, you can always pick up plushies from the souvenir shops so you can gaze upon their cuteness anytime.

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