Mount Karakuni Travel Guide

Mount Karakuni
Dramatic volcanic scenery, including high-altitude crater lakes, make for some amazing hiking on this mountain and its neighbors.

Located within the mountainous Kirishima-Yaku National Park, Mt. Karakuni offers some of the best hiking in Miyazaki. The volcanic scenery of its lofty heights reveals itself beautifully along the various trails which line the slopes. The Kirishima Ridge Trail is perhaps the best way to tackle Mt. Karakuni (and the other mountains in the region if your legs and lungs can take it!).

Starting from Ebino Kogen, you’ll need to set aside about two hours to complete the steep trek to the summit. Mt. Karakuni is the highest mountain in the region, after all, arching 1700 meters above sea level. Should you choose to continue on the 12km trail to its conclusion, you’ll head on across the rest of the mountains which constitute the Kirishima mountains.

Whether you come just for Mt. Karakuni or want to conquer the whole range, consider renting a car so you don’t have to rely on the infrequent public transportation to the trailheads. Then you’ll be able to explore the many crater lakes at your leisure, and savor the dramatic beauty that this mountain has to offer.

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