Mount Inasa Travel Guide

Mount Inasa
One of the three best night views in Japan, although the panoramic vantage from this mountain top is breathtaking any time of day.

Conveniently located right in the city center of Nagasaki, distance is no excuse for not heading to the top of this lovely mountain viewpoint. Neither is the climb itself; those who don’t fancy climbing up to 333 meters high can take the ropeway, or drive up Mount Insasa instead! A round trip on the former will only set you back 1250 yen.

It’s said that Mount Inasa has one of the three very best night views in the country, so consider heading up here after sunset to get the best it has to offer. What you’ll find up there is a fully panoramic view of the city, the sea, and far beyond.

If you stay to catch the twinkling night lights of the city below, be aware that the ropeway stops operating at 10pm. That leaves 30 minutes leeway after the 9:30pm closing time of the summit’s Restaurant of Lights — a fantastic place to try some delicious local dishes while taking in the best view in the city.

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