Nagasaki Peace Park Travel Guide

Nagasaki Peace Park
Visit the park at the exact hypocenter of the atomic bombing of 1945, where memorials and education facilities will a kinder world into being.

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As the site of one of the most tragic events of the Second World War, modern Nagasaki stands as a monument to the spirit of the Japanese people, and the devastating power of nuclear weapons. Built in the hope of educating people against the use of nuclear bombs, and as a memorial to those lost on that tragic day, the Nagasaki Peace Park was established in 1955.

Inside you’ll find the Peace Statue standing almost 10 meters high, created by a sculptor and native of the city, Seibo Kitamura. This is the site of a yearly memorial service held on the anniversary of the bombing, August 7th. Further into the park, there’s the Fountain of Peace, a black monolith marking the center of the explosion, and a memorial museum where visitors can learn about the harrowing trials which the civilian population of Nagasaki endured on that day and for years after.

Although most will find the details of what occurred on August 7th, 1945 completely harrowing, the park itself is strangely juxtaposed to that chaos: a serene space of contemplation and — most importantly — hope.

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