Mount Yakeyama Travel Guide

Mount Yakeyama
An active volcano that’s 3,000 years old, speckled with volcanic vents and hot springs, and draped in natural beauty.

This impressive active volcano is a great place for some outdoor adventure. But be sure to heed any warnings you see on the way to its trailheads; this volcano has regular big eruptions every 400 years, adding to the dramatic topography of the area with fresh flows of molten rock.

At the moment, all is silent on Mt. Yakeyama — for the most part anyway, you’ll still be able to sense the stirrings of volcanic activity from the hot springs and fumaroles which are dotted around the slopes.

One of the best ways to experience the best of the area is by hiking the trail which runs from Goshogake Onsen to Tamagawa Onsen. This will take you through the verdant Mosen Pass, and onwards to the mountain itself.

If you’d prefer a relaxing soak as the main attraction, consider heading to the foot of the mountain. Here you’ll find the Yakeyama Hot Springs, which offer a view of the mountains from the comfort of a refreshing, cleansing bath.

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