Sado Kinzan (Sado Gold Mine) Travel Guide

Sado Kinzan (Sado Gold Mine)
Visit Sado Kinzan, where you can explore and learn more about the history and industrialization of Japan.

Sado Gold Mine is one of the important historical sites on Sado Island. The mine started operation in 1601 when gold was discovered and stopped in 1989. During the Edo period, towns near the mine grew, forming large settlements which include miners, merchants, and shop-keepers. The conditions in the mine were often dangerous as it was cramped and the amount of fresh air was low. It is estimated to have around 400km of mining tunnels and is named after the mining engineers.

Sado Kinzan offers tours into the mine shafts. The Sohdayukoh course allows visitors to see the Edo period shafts and the mechanized robots that represent the miners during the time. The Dohyukoh course is focused on the Meiji period where the shafts are wider and taller. One of the main points of this tour is the mining machinery maintenance shop that was built in 1938. Of course, visitors have the choice to choose both and experience what the mine has to offer overall. The tours end at Sado Gold Mine Museum where original artifacts are displayed for viewing.

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