Takada Park

Takada Park
Take in the beauty of nature and visit Takeda Park, one of Japan’s top 3 cherry blossom viewing spots and home to Takada Castle.

Takada Park is beautiful during all four seasons, but it is famous during the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. During April, The park turns into a massive viewing area, as the park is engulfed in pink and lanterns are lit up during the night. The moat around the castle adds to this beauty as the pink leaves reflect off the water. With this flower festival being so big, even CNN has chosen it was one of the world’s top flower festivals.

Other seasons are also amazing if you can't visit during the spring. Summertime has different flowers in bloom, including hundreds of lotus flowers on the park’s moat and pond. It is a site that can’t be missed as the lotuses range in color. Autumn is a great season to visit Takada Park, as the temperature is cooler and the park becomes vibrant. The park turns into a winter wonderland during January, giving the softest snow to build a snowman.

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