Kurashiki Historical Quarter Travel Guide

Kurashiki Historical Quarter
A well-preserved canal district lined with cafes, museums, and shops galore.

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To get a window into the life of Okayama’s historic merchants and laborers, or to just enjoy the beauty of a quaint canal town, head along to the town of Kurashiki. This town took its name from the sheer number of rice storehouses along its streets, so vital was it along the trade routes to the major cities of Edo era Japan.

In the center of the city, a portion of its historic canals have been preserved at the Bikan Historical Quarter. Here you’ll find ornate arched bridges crossing over the canals, themselves lined with weeping willows. The storehouses which gave the city its name now no longer hold tons upon tons of rice, but a great selection of eateries and boutiques instead!

One converted unit even holds the honor of being Japan’s very first dedicated museum of Western art, running since 1930. If art isn’t your thing, then you’re sure to find something to take your fancy among the Museum of Folkcraft, Museum of Toys, or the Museum of Archaeology.

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