Osaka Aquarium Travel Guide

Osaka Aquarium
Dive into the deep blue sea and discover the creatures that inhabit one of the world’s largest aquariums: Osaka Aquarium.

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Pufferfish in fall and winter, eel and sea bass in summer and spring; this Osaka seafood restaurant is the place to be year-round.
Lunch: ¥13,200-29,999
Dinner: ¥13,200-29,999

The vast ocean consists of many sea creatures that you may have not encountered before. This massive aquarium in Osaka offers an experience of a lifetime, as it consists of over 15 large tanks and different ecosystem areas. The centerpiece of the aquarium is the “Pacific Ocean,” home of large whale sharks and other fish. As visitors walk down from the 8th floor to the 4th floor, they can see schools of fish, stingray, and other species that coexist with each other.

Tourists can visit different areas around the world and learn more about the creatures that reside there. See the cute penguins at their home in Antarctica or the seals swimming at Monterey Bay, California. There is also a rest stop within the aquarium, where you can grab a quick bite and try ramune (a classic Japanese soft drink) flavored soft-serve. Osaka Aquarium gives visitors an option to view the aquarium at night, making it the perfect date spot as the music changes and the water glistens like the stars.

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