Universal Studios Japan Travel Guide

Universal Studios Japan
Welcome to Universal Studios in Osaka, the mega amusement park where film fantasies come true; characters are brought to life with epic thrill rides and attractions while weird and wonderful foods are themed from other worlds.

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Pufferfish in fall and winter, eel and sea bass in summer and spring; this Osaka seafood restaurant is the place to be year-round.
Lunch: ¥24,000-29,999
Dinner: ¥24,000-29,999

Universal Studios Japan opened in 2001 and has since become one of Osaka’s must-see attractions. Called USJ for short, 9 different worlds of Universal Studios await within the massive theme park, where movie magic matched with Japanese efficiency makes for an awesome family-friendly adventure. USJ sits on the port of Osaka across the Aji River from one of the world’s largest aquariums, the famous Kaiyukan. Follow the crowds, hungry for an exhilarating day out filled with fantasy and everyone’s favorite film characters. Spiderman, Jaws, and Terminator hit the limelight in thrill rides, while USJ often hosts One Piece anime special exhibitions and kawaii family-friendly Hello Kitty appearances. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attracts die-hard fans who can taste legendary butterbeer or magical sweets from the films, and even take a ride on a hippogriff. Wander through Jurassic Park and mingle with Minions; or check out the mini-cities of San Francisco and New York featuring every themed food possible, inspired by cartoon characters and other worlds. Prepare for a taste of movie magic and see your favorite films come to life at Universal Studios Japan.

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