Mishima Skywalk Travel Guide

Mishima Skywalk
Feel as if you’re walking on air, the Mishima Skywalk offers a whole new panoramic view over to Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay. Fear of heights? Calm your nerves at either end of the walkway with a snack.

Around the entrance to the Izu Peninsula, the Mishima Skywalk is centrally located in Shizuoka between the major seaside cities of Atami and Numazu. A triple threat attraction, the Mishima Skywalk is Japan’s longest suspension bridge, looking out to Japan’s tallest mountain, the ever-iconic Fujisan, and the waters of Japan’s deepest bay, Suruga Bay. Beautiful views come with a price, as those scared of heights have to face their fears to earn that perfect Fujisan selfie. Crossing the 400-meter walkway feels like wandering above the clouds, but remember to reward yourself with a snack at the other end. Snap the best pictures during the cooler months of the year for a clear shot at Mount Fuji, or just stroll and enjoy a romantic sunset embracing incredible panoramic views. Meanwhile, on the ground in Mishima, Mishima Taisha is the largest shrine in the town featuring beautifully carved details, a deer enclosure, a treasure museum, and shops selling trinkets and snacks. From the bridge, you can drop seeds in the hope that they will one day grow, a nice souvenir for the future.

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