MOA Museum of Art Travel Guide

MOA Museum of Art
An impressive collection of Japanese art and East Asian treasures, MOA Museum of Art offers hilltop gardens with views over the seaside town of Atami, and several mouthwatering restaurant options.

Nearby Restaurants


Atami Miyu Honten

The youngest challenger to appear on Iron Chef Japan, celebrity chef Miyuki Igarashi uses her extensive knowledge of Chinese cuisine to craft Izu Peninsula ingredients into wildly original dishes, like her signature kuroge wagyu katsuobushi steak.
Lunch: ¥23,000-25,000
Dinner: ¥23,000-60,000

Japanese Restaurant Maisen (Hotel New Akao)

Located by the top of the Atami Ropeway, this traditional Japanese restaurant enjoys beautiful aspects out over the Sagami Sea. Its seasonal course menus are packed with the bounty of these waters.
Dinner: ¥5,000-9,999

Ryokan Sekiyou

Enjoy the best of what traditional Japanese hospitality can offer, surrounded by the nature and serenity of Kanagawa.
Lunch: ¥40,000-49,999
Dinner: ¥40,000-49,999

A breathtaking art museum in Atami, MOA Museum of Art (or MOA Bijutsukan) is spectacularly perched atop a hill on the northeastern coast of the Izu Peninsula. Waving from the other side of the city is Atami Castle, another hilltop tourist vantage point inviting visitors to wear Edo period clothing and play Japanese puzzles or arcade games. Thriving since it was opened by the Mokichi Okada Association (MOA) some 30 years ago, in amongst a number of important cultural property the museum collection features 3 items which are national treasures. Specializing in Japanese and East Asian artwork, the museum promotes Japanese art and the tradition of artisanal crafts, exhibiting a range of calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, lacquerware, and ceramics from throughout Asia. MOA Museum of Art distinguishes itself with modern architecture housing historical works, featuring a Japanese-style garden offering lavish views over the ocean and Atami City, alongside a traditional tea house serving organic matcha, a premium cafe, and a noh theater. The food here could be a work of art in itself, with a gourmet French-Japanese fusion restaurant solely using local ingredients from Atami, and offering an exclusive Japanese-style lunch in the tea garden.

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