Mount Bizan Travel Guide

Mount Bizan
These fantastic mountaintop views are some of the best in the prefecture, and the peak is accessible in just 15 minutes from Tokushima Station.

Located in Tokushima City, this scenic viewpoint mountain offers a fantastic panorama of the coast; when the weather is good, the view extends as far as the Asan Mountains, and islands far out by the Kii Peninsula.

At the summit, you’ll also find some small attractions such as the Veterans Memorial Pagoda Peace Monument, and a fence covered in padlocks fixed by couples to show their love. Before you can get here though, you’ll have to make your way up 290 meters of mountain.

There are trails leading the top, or you can take the scenic ropeway from the foot. The base station is located inside the Awaodori Kaikan Museum, and it takes around 6 minutes from here to the top.

To get there from Tokushima Station, it's just a 10-minute walk to the southwest, making this one of the most easily accessible tourist spots in the city.

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