Rurikoji Temple Travel Guide

Rurikoji Temple
Home to a National Treasure of Japan, Rurikoji Temple is a must-visit destination for lovers of architecture, history, and refined Japanese gardens.

Rurikoji Temple houses one of Japan’s three most famous pagodas, a designated National Treasure erected in 1442. A gorgeous sight in any season, the temple grounds (known as “Kozan Park”) are picturesque with sakura blossoms blooming in spring, fiery fall foliage in autumn, and a dusting of snow in winter.

History buffs can discover Rurikoji Temple’s rich past, from the burial site of the ruling Mori clan to Chinryutei, the teahouse where Saigo Takamori plotted to overthrow the Edo Shogunae. The first floor of Chinryutei features exhibits about historical figures from the Meiji Revolution. Meanwhile, architecture enthusiasts can stroll through the small museum dedicated to five-story pagodas, with miniatures of over fifty which exist in Japan.

During your visit to Rurikoji Temple, be sure to cleanse the Mizukake Jizo statue, which is said to grant wishes ranging from good health to marriage (depending on the ladle you use to scoop up the water).

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