2021 Japan COVID-19 Updates: Japan Travel Restrictions & News

By The byFood Team
July 11, 2021
Updated: July 25, 2021
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Coronavirus in Japan

The coronavirus outbreak hit Japan at a crucial time, just months before the scheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics; and currently, Japan’s border is still closed to international tourists, with no sign of reopening yet. 

While the rate of domestic infections is well below those seen in the U.S. and Europe, Japan’s vaccine rollout has been slower, and new waves of the virus have brought on renewed state of emergency measures. 

On July 12, 2021, the fourth state of emergency went into effect in Tokyo, scheduled to last for the duration of the Olympics. See the "2021 Japan Covid-19 Updates" section below for additional info.

Japan's Travel Restrictions

To contain the spread of the coronavirus, Japan’s borders are currently closed to all new foreign arrivals, except for foreign residents of Japan or those with special circumstances. While there is no word yet about when tourism will resume in Japan, it is unlikely to be before 2022.

For the latest info regarding Japan travel restrictions, including quarantine measures and a list of countries where foreign nationals are denied entry into Japan, see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs border enforcement measures.

Government Requests Under the State of Emergency:

  • Restaurants serving alcohol and karaoke bars that allow BYOB are asked to close
  • Restaurants are requested to close by 8:00pm (delivery & takeout services excluded)
  • Facilities used by large numbers of people are asked to close by 8:00pm
  • Please refrain from drinking in groups on the streets or at parks 
  • Please refrain from unnecessary excursions, including during the daytime (in particular, avoid going out after 8:00pm, especially to crowded places)
  • If traveling due to unavoidable circumstances, please take measures to prevent infection and have a checkup before departure/at the arrival destination
  • Businesses should aim to reduce the number of employees commuting to work by 70%
  • Businesses should refrain from working after 8:00pm unless necessary
  • Staggered work hours and commuting by bicycle are recommended  

See the full state of emergency policy here.

2021 Japan Covid-19 Updates

Here is the latest news from Japan, including coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, vaccine rollout, and Japan travel updates.

July 25

July 24

July 23

July 22

July 21

July 20

July 19

July 18

July 17

July 16

July 15

July 14

July 13

July 12

July 11

July 10

July 9 

July 8

July 7

July 6

July 5

July 2

June 24

June 20

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