Welcome to the “Kingdom of Food!” Discover the best home-grown produce, adventurous activities, and local specialties like Sapporo ramen and Jingisukan in this Sapporo travel blog.

Sapporo is the capital city of the famous “kingdom of food,” the country’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Undoubtedly, Sapporo is the central hub producing some of the best food in Japan. The diverse climate of Hokkaido means that it yields unique seasonal produce, extremely high quality seafood, and the creamiest dairy products! More than just the mouthwatering regional Japanese food available in Sapporo, Hokkaido is known for its stunning landscapes with awe-inspiring views that drive visitors to enjoy the scenery all year round. For anyone taking a trip to Sapporo, you can learn everything you need to know about the best local food and travel tips for Hokkaido from our detailed Sapporo travel blog.

For local goodies, our ultimate guide for What to Eat in Sapporo features the best ingredients and colorful produce that’s famously grown in Hokkaido, such as succulent sea urchin or ultra sweet yubari melons (these are some of the most expensive in the world)! Covering more than local produce, read our Sapporo travel blog to discover the best local dishes and where to find them, as well as stories about unique dining experiences, food tours and cooking classes in Sapporo.

Read about the best restaurants in Sapporo and find out where to eat jinguisukan (the regional specialty of sizzling lamb barbeque), how to take on Sapporo’s spiciest soup curry, or where to find the best miso ramen restaurants in town. Rich in flavor and warming to the core, they are perfect meals for the winter ski season in Hokkaido. Or, want to learn about where to explore in Sapporo during summer with some handy Sapporo travel tips? A breath-taking destination in every season, discover everything about Hokkaido’s unique local Japanese food, tourist attractions, and latest foodie news by reading some of our best Sapporo travel blog articles.

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