Tokyo Disney Resort Travel Guide

Tokyo Disney Resort
Familiar family-friendly magic at Disneyland, and a totally unique park suitable for all ages at DisneySea — this is a resort like no other!

One of the most popular attractions of Tokyo isn’t even in Tokyo! Tokyo Disney actually lies across the border in Chiba, and it makes for one of the best day trips in Japan. The resort is actually made up of two parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

The first is quite similar to flagship Disney Parks around the world. You’ll find Cinderella’s Castle, a host of familiar rides, and fantastic seasonally themed parades featuring all your favorite characters. If you want a totally unique experience though, head to DisneySea.

This park is completely water-themed, and there’s no other like it anywhere on earth. The zones are themed with really incredible detail: a rendition of old New York, the canal streets of Venice, the Arabian world of Aladdin, an undersea kids zone based on The Little Mermaid, a huge lake for gigantic waterborne parades — there’s even a towering volcano in the middle with a rollercoaster shooting out the side!

Getting a pass for both parks is advisable, because there’s so much to take in, including loads themed food. Adults will be happy to hear that in DisneySea, you’ll be able to get all sorts of alcohol too — each zone even has its own unique cocktails.

Currently a 2-day pass for the resort will set you back 14,800 yen for adults, and 8,800 for kids. With so much unique Disney magic on offer, that’s not a bad price to pay.

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