Okunoshima Rabbit Island Travel Guide

Okunoshima Rabbit Island
The cute, fluffy, and adorable rabbits have taken over Okunoshima, where tourists can come and hang out with these furry friends while exploring the dark, yet the intriguing history of the island.

Okunoshima is home to approximately 1,000 wild rabbits who roam the island freely and interact with foreign tourists. The island was originally used as a chemical research facility during World War II, where rabbits were used as tests for poison gas. The rabbits found on the island today are not descendants of the test bunnies but are rumored to have been released by school children in 1971.

Depending on your schedule, the island offers different packages where you can stay for a few hours to overnight. Tourists are able to feed the rabbits and take cute pictures with them as souvenirs. During the hot summer months, you have the opportunity to swim in the ocean while your rabbit friends hangout onshore. Hiking trails are also available all year round if you want to hike to the top of the island and see a panoramic view of the beautiful ocean.

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