Myoryuji Temple

Myoryuji Temple
Behind the doors of Myoryuji Temple lie hidden rooms, complicated stairwells, and secret passageways, making it the perfect place to live your ninja dreams.
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Though there were no actual ninjas or assassins associated with Myoryuji Temple, it is an interesting place to visit for its complicated architecture. During the time it was built, the government declared that buildings could not be more than three stories high. Myoryuji Temple’s outside appearance is two stories, but in reality, it is four stories high with 23 rooms and 29 staircases. With its complicated layout, many used this temple as a hiding place. There is also a rumored underground tunnel that connects to Kanazawa Castle, which samurai could use to warn about upcoming attacks.

Visitors can take a 45-minute tour through the temple and explore the different crevices and hiding places. Even though the tour is in Japanese, visitors are given pamphlets in various languages to guide them through. If you are planning to visit, book in advance as tours are limited to a certain number of people per day.

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