Jogasaki Coast Travel Guide

Jogasaki Coast
Scenic vistas of the Jogasaki Coast can be enjoyed from various viewpoints along its route on the east side of Izu Peninsula, where the deep blue ocean and orange cliffs meet, harmonious in nature.

The Jogasaki Coast is a beautiful stretch of coastline on the Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka Prefecture, with a stunning 10-kilometer long hiking trail. Some shorter sections of the eastern coast are easily walkable, where for example the main path is perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll to become immersed into nature. Overwhelmed by the fresh scent of the ocean, the route weaves in through lush forests and out onto viewpoints overlooking jagged cliffs and waves crashing against the beautiful coastline. Along the Jogasaki Coast, there is the odd kiosk where you can purchase snacks to fuel for the journey, and the lighthouse with views out to Oshima Island near the Kadowakizaki Suspension Bridge act as checkpoints along the way. Follow the coast into the deep south to eventually meet the glistening white sand at Izu’s famous Shirahama Beach. Nearby in the central peninsula area, walking around the rim of the extinct volcano Mount Omuro offers panoramic views across the ocean with a gentle glow around sunset, and on clear days, reaching across to Mount Fuji in the distance. Mount Omuro also sells a few souvenirs and snacks like soba noodles and momiji manju (red bean-filled sweet cakes).

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