Best Brunch Spots in Tokyo to Break Your Fast

By Jessie Cheung
Updated: February 9, 2023

It’s a Sunday morning in Tokyo, you have had a week’s worth of repetitive breakfasts and been daydreaming about a good brunch every single day of the week. Many may not picture Japan as a haven for brunch spots but as the hype blew over from England, where it was invented back in the 19th century, it has been taken pretty seriously in Tokyo. For a vibrant, unique city like Tokyo, you can say that the brunch spot game is strong. 

Brunches in Tokyo are unique, with many places looking to stand out with a certain theme or flare. Far from your typical Japanese breakfast, which usually consists of rice, miso soup, and fish (which is also delicious but another story for another post), brunch in Tokyo is vast and full of choice; you can ask yourself how you are feeling that day and choose a brunch spot to compliment your mood. Feeling a bit down and need some sweetness in life? Have some Japanese pancakes! Need a cleanse after a long night out? Have a delicious light brunch! Fancy a strong coffee? Go grab yourself some good quality coffee from a place that really values a good coffee bean (like these Tokyo cafes with killer coffee)! 

Not sure where to brunch in Tokyo? Here are 6 places that I recommend for that Sunday morning (or any other day of the week) in Tokyo. 

6 Best Brunch Spots in Tokyo

Here are some fantastic brunch places in Tokyo that we recommend checking out!

  1. A Happy Pancake
  2. Flipper's 
  3. Elle Cafe 
  4. Crisscross 
  5. Jade5 
  6. Nomu Cafe 

1. A Happy Pancake

Fluffy Japanese pancakes on a square plate with a dollop of whipped cream and chopped nuts

Who doesn’t love pancakes? To be specific, who doesn’t love Japanese pancakes? If it is your first time coming across the term “Japanese pancake” then you are about to be shown a whole new world of brunch. Don’t bother making them yourself by following a YouTube video (because I did this and learned my lesson), but instead visit A Happy Pancake to lose your Japanese pancake virginity. Light, fluffy, with some amazing flavors, from matcha to cheese, there is bound to be a pancake on the menu that suits your mood that day. Even more so, if you have more time in Tokyo, you would probably find yourself coming back to try out every flavor on the menu! 

With a simple, relaxing and bright interior, this is the perfect place to come for brunch in Tokyo! 

2. Flipper's 

Flipper's savory pancakes on a bed of colorful veggies

Continuing with the pancake theme, Flipper's is another highly popular Japanese pancake to go place in Tokyo. Whether you choose to visit A Happy Pancake or Flipper's, you will get a variety of choices as each store tries to bring something different to shock those taste buds. Not only does Flipper's specialize in fluffy, light pancakes, it also does “meal pancakes” for those who are in need of some basic avocado and smoked salmon (don’t know about you, but I need that almost every time). Be sure to also order their specialty bubble tea that comes in a bag before leaving and perhaps a “Miracle Souffle Pancake Pudding” to take away for dessert. 

3. Elle Cafe 

Exterior of Elle face, with tables set up outside and a black and white color palette

Moving on from pancakes, if you and your girlfriends are feeling a bit fancy, Elle Cafe Aoyama is the place to be for the morning in Tokyo. Just as elegant as the French magazine, Elle Cafe does not disappoint in style and atmosphere. Set in a trendy part of the city, it is the perfect place to start your day off with a brunch in Tokyo. 

With 2 floors, each floor operates on separate menus, with breakfast being served on the 1st floor. If you fancy a bit of afternoon tea or dinner, Elle Cafe also impresses on those areas. If you have certain dietary requirements, from gluten-free to vegan, then this place is perfect, with a delicious choice of bowls to sweets catering to your cravings. A gorgeous brunch spot in Tokyo, definitely a must-visit. 

4. Crisscross 

Brunch from Crisscross, including small fluffy pancakes, sunny-side up eggs, and a sausage

Omotesando is definitely the place to be for shopping, but did you know also how great the place is for brunch? Another must-visit brunch spot in the city is Crisscross, a beautiful place to spend your morning in Tokyo. When you can have brunch on a terrace you know you are in brunch heaven. The menu may not be as extensive as the other places already mentioned but the quality of food and atmosphere is top-notch and bound to leave a positive dent in your Tokyo trip. 

Crisscross is no doubt popular with the locals, so be sure to get yourself there in good time before it gets busy. I highly recommend the Bologna sausage and poached eggs benedict with a fresh peach juice (from Nagano). Oh my, my mouth is watering from just thinking about it. 

5. Jade5 

Sunny-side up egg on top of colorful veggies from Jade5, a brunch spot in Tokyo

Around the Ebisu area of Tokyo lays another brunch gem, Jade5 is an adorable, cozy brunch spot in Tokyo that is also very much loved by the locals. From the shop front it may not seem much and just like any old Tokyo cafe but inside lays a delicious brunch that will satisfy your cravings. Here you will not find fluffy pancakes but instead more American-style brunches. If you are not feeling pancakes then there is something bound to satisfy you here, from omelets to French toast, burgers and wraps. Jade5 definitely has something that will put you in a cloud of brunch happiness. 

6. Nomu Cafe 

Interior of Nomu Cafe, a stylish Tokyo brunch spot

Okay, I know your stomach is rumbling from reading about brunch in Tokyo, but I tend to like to save the best for last. Another gem in Omotesando, Nomu Cafe is stunning. Specializing in floral and design, the Nomu Cafe brings a floral flare to the world of brunch in Tokyo. You will find yourself wondering if you are in a cafe or a beautiful field of flowers, away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Whether you are passing by to smell the flowers or to seriously have a good simple brunch here, be sure to grab a green smoothie and delicious cake and let Nomu Cafe bring you to a world of nature and flora delight. 

A Tokyo trip is nothing without a brunch. Of course, sushi, ramen, and an izakaya meal are high up on that food itinerary (all must-eats when traveling to Tokyo) but brunch is a different story and something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. There is something different when you eat out in Tokyo, where every experience is so carefully thought out to make that memory even more ingrained, from the interior and atmosphere to the personalized service.

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We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan's food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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