Harajuku Crepes: 8 Best Spots for Insta-Worthy Treats

By Lucy Baker
May 7, 2020
Updated: October 7, 2020

From sweet to savory (some would say surprisingly delicious), Harajuku in Tokyo has so many crepe shops with literally hundreds of filling possibilities! It is the quintessential Japanese street food to enjoy while wandering through Harajuku, as Harajuku crepes can easily be found along Takeshita Street and beyond.

Colorful stalls with plastic crepe creations await, ready for you to choose your favorite flavor -- just say the number. Typically filled with any combination of fruit, whipped cream, custard, ice cream, and even cake, Japanese crepes are the best. The kawaii crepes in Harajuku are cooked in front of you at one of the area’s many crepe stores.

Read on below to see our favorite Harajuku crepe stores!

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What Makes Harajuku Crepes Special?

Harajuku is a colorful, frenetic teen hub where many of Tokyo's high school students like to hang out (anything goes here). Enjoying a crepe while wandering between the weird and wonderful stores around Takeshita Street is a part of the whole experience of visiting Harajuku.

One of the most kawaii and reasonably budget-friendly Japanese street foods, the specialty Harajuku crepes are certainly a signature snack for any visit. They are easily portable in their Instagrammable cones, and no matter which flavor you choose, they are always delicious. Ultra-trendy and ultra-kawaii, Harajuku’s exciting (and sugar-driven) atmosphere is best enjoyed with a crepe at hand. 

3 Harajuku crepes and one bubble tea in Harajuku

Must-Try Japanese Crepe Flavors 

With some stores featuring over 100 flavors, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing which crepe to enjoy. You will be able to find an option with an appealing ratio of cream, custard, fruit, or even something savory. 

Personally, I like to find the most lavish chocolate crepes that fit the most ingredients (so that decadence meets value for money). A crepe with ice cream, almonds, caramel syrup and a piece of brownie inside? Don’t mind if I do. 

Harajuku crepes with chocolate ice cream, strawberry sauce, vanilla cake

Here are some of the classic crepe flavors:

  1. Whipped cream and strawberry
  2. Plain vanilla custard and cream
  3. Tuna salad
  4. Matcha green tea and mochi
  5. Azuki red bean 
  6. Choco banana (chocolate and banana)
  7. Ice cream, strawberry, and cheesecake
  8. Strawberry, banana, and ice cream
  9. Mint ice cream and chocolate chips
  10. Ham, cheese, and lettuce
  11. Almonds, ice cream, and chocolate brownie
  12. Whipped cream and blueberry
  13. Chocolate cake, whipped cream, strawberries and banana
  14. Chicken, lettuce, and cheese
  15. Peach or mango with whipped cream

The Best 8 Harajuku Crepe Shops

So, where should you go to get your crepe fix in Harajuku? We narrowed it down to these 8 crepe shops in Harajuku:

  1. Santa Monica Crepes
  2. Marion Crepes
  3. Cafe Crepe Strawberry House (Angel's Heart)
  4. Sweet Box
  5. Angel Crepes
  6. Parla Labo
  7. Momi & Toy’s
  8. Pearl Lady

1. Santa Monica Crepes

Santa Monica Crepes with people out the front in Takeshita Street

One of the most famous crepe shops in Harajuku, Santa Monica Crepes has over 100 crepe filling combinations on offer! You can’t miss this deliciously kawaii crepe store for its American diner-esque neon pink signage, and tantalizing plastic crepe examples in the window. They also sell bubble tea and specialize in crème brûlée crepes! If you are visiting Harajuku just pick your number, line up, and enjoy! There is also another branch of Santa Monica Crepes at the end of Takeshita Street.

2. Marion Crepes

Matcha and Azuki Harajuku Crepe outside of Marion Crepe in Harajuku

One of the pioneering stores that started making the humble French crepe in Tokyo, Marion Crepes has been operating in Harajuku since 1976. Now a national chain, this Harajuku crepe store is an institution of the neighborhood, usually with a long queue to order a delicious crepe made from high-quality ingredients. There are an astonishing 70+ types of crepe fillings available to choose from, meaning that the flavor possibilities are just about endless!

3. Cafe Crepe Strawberry House (Angel's Heart)

Cafe Crepe in Harajuku

Located on the ground floor of the Laforet building, Cafe Crepe Strawberry House (known as Angel’s Heart) also has a long-standing legacy in Harajuku. The Tokyo crepe franchise has also been around since the 1970s, with its first shop opening in Harajuku in 1977 (it claims to have had “the oldest” crepe shop in Harajuku, except for the fact it came a year after Marion). They specialize in legendary crepe menus and extravagant seasonal crepe specials throughout different holidays.

4. Sweet Box

Sweet Box shop front in Takeshita Street with people walking past

The hole-in-the-wall Harajuku crepe shop Sweet Box is not far from the entrance of Takeshita Street. In fact, Sweet Box stores 1 and 2 are located close together! That means getting your crepe fix is only a few minutes walk away from JR Harajuku Station. You can eat your crepe inside NOA Cafe next door, if you want somewhere to sit as you snack. Sweet Box sells all the usual delicious flavors, however if you are looking for something unusual in the savory department, they have a pizza crepe with cheese on the menu. 

5. Angel Crepes

Angel Crepes in Harajuku the shopfront in the evening

Very close to the ever-popular Santa Monica, Angel Crepes and its signature pink awnings are located around the opposite corner. You can find them both about halfway down Takeshita Street. Angel Crepes is all things colorful and sweet, with an enormous window of crepe options to choose from! 

6. Parla Labo

PARLA Shot and Crepe Store exterior in Harajuku

Only a few backstreets down from Harajuku’s trendy Cat Street, Parla Labo is where you can try luxurious crepes like never before! Served wrapped in black paper emblazoned with gold writing, you immediately know you are in for a fancy treat. This Harajuku crepe store is more expensive than most, but their fillings are much more decadent, featuring meringue and cream. The main Parla Crepes store is a little to the north-east of the heart of Harajuku, if you want the full luxury crepe experience. 

7. Momi & Toy’s

Chocolate Crepe

Part way down Takeshita Street, Momi & Toy’s have a crepe speciality store on the first floor. While also selling bubble tea, they specialize in “melting crepe” made from a range of toppings and fillings. There is a sitting area here if you want to give your crepe your undivided attention, and take a rest from shopping. This deliciously kawaii crepe chain in fact has multiple shops in the area, with another smaller Momi & Toy’s store in Harajuku YM Square. 

8. Pearl Lady

Pearl Lady crepe held in a hand on a circle red background

Hidden away on the second floor of the SoLaDo building in Harajuku, Pearl Lady sells bubble tea brimming with tapioca as well as delicious crepes. These Harajuku crepes are made using a special batter that uses a flour blend that includes tapioca flour! Some fillings include options with cream-filled strawberry roll cake!

Rolled up with your favorite delicious crepe fillings inside, Harajuku crepes are the perfect snack to enjoy while checking out this neighborhood. A delicious Harajuku crepe will also only set you back around 500 yen, give or take, depending on how decadently you order.

So, now you know where to buy the best crepes in Harajuku, how will you decide where to go? Book this Harajuku food tour for expert guidance from a local tour guide.

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