The First Vegan Convenience Store in Japan: A Treasure Trove of Plant-Based Treats

By Ashley Owen
Updated: November 4, 2021

Think that being vegan in Japan is too difficult? Think again! These days there are lots of vegan restaurants and cafes opening up all across the country, catering to both foreign travelers and locals who are interested in a plant-based diet either for health, environmental or ethical reasons.

In this video, we join Shizuka Anderson as she explores Vegan Store Asakusa, the first entirely vegan convenience store in Japan – which also has a vegan restaurant upstairs – and samples some of the delicious plant-based food they have on offer!

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Vegan Store Asakusa: Japan’s First All-Vegan Convenience Store

The vegan convenience store Shizuka visits is located in Asakusa, a popular tourist spot in Tokyo most famous for the stunning Sensoji Temple and its striking red lanterns. With light wooden decor and bird songs playing in the background, as soon as you step into Vegan Store you feel at ease, and the friendly staff are happy for you to take as much time as you like browsing.

Organic Mung Bean Chips from Asakusa Vegan Store

Japanese convenience store food is generally of a high standard, and Vegan Store is no exception!

The range of products on offer is genuinely impressive, and Shizuka finds everything from instant noodles, ramen, pancake mix, chocolate, and even a vegan version of dashi stock on the shelves. There’s also a refrigerated section where you can pick up things like yogurt and mayonnaise, plus a freezer with ice cream and ready meals.

Vegan gummy bears from Asakusa Vegan Store, Japan's first all vegan convenience store

If you live in Japan or are staying somewhere with a kitchen, you can try some of their range of tinned goods, sauces, and other cooking ingredients to create your own delicious plant-based meals at home. Most of the items are also additive and preservative-free, with plenty of gluten-free products available too.

Asakusa Vegan Store heart-shaped snack

After browsing the store, Shizuka moves upstairs to check out the restaurant. She tries a range of their dishes including a fluffy omelet, succulent soy meat vegan karaage (fried chicken), and a juicy plant-based OmniPork burger (made from pea protein, soy protein, mushrooms, and rice) boasting salsa, vegan cheese, and a double patty – possibly the best vegan burger in Tokyo!

Double patty OmniPork burger (made from pea protein, soy protein, mushrooms, and rice) from Asakusa Vegan Store

For something more traditionally Japanese, Shizuka opts for a shougayaki donburi rice bowl, which is made with crispy konnyaku "pork" and comes with a surprisingly realistic vegan egg yolk.

Asakusa Vegan Store's shougayaki donburi rice bowl with a vegan egg yolk

Be sure to watch the video to get a look at these amazing meals and find out just how great they all taste – and next time you’re in the city, definitely stop by this fantastic vegan restaurant in Tokyo.

Vegan omelet from Asakusa Vegan Store

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Ashley is a freelance travel writer from the UK who spent the last two years living in Japan, and is about to embark on her next adventure to New Zealand. She's always on the lookout for exciting new vegan treats wherever she goes!
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