Tsukiji Street Food: Discovering Tokyo’s Seafood Paradise

By Ashley Owen
Updated: February 6, 2023

Dating all the way back to 1935, Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo was once the largest wholesale fish market in all of Japan. Although the Tsukiji Inner Market – where the famous tuna auction once took place – moved to Toyosu Fish Market in 2018, Tsukiji Outer Market is still going strong and well worth a visit.

Join Shizuka Anderson and her friend Leina Bambino as they explore some of the many shops and restaurants here, plus taste a selection of the best Tsukiji street food on offer!

Tsukiji Market Street Food: Must-Try Morsels in Tokyo’s Food Paradise

Rows of various styles of onigiri rice balls at a shop in Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Outer Market is a bustling hub of activity, with plenty of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to excite the senses! Home to over 300 shops and restaurants, it’s a historic place that’s full of tradition and character – and is still a must-visit location if you have an interest in sushi, fresh seafood, or Japanese cooking.

Shizuka and Leina begin their visit by touring some of the various shops in the market. You can pick up all sorts of cooking and food-related items here, from chopsticks and chopstick holders to a wide variety of professional-grade knives. They even find a store that will customize your knife for you!

However, for many, the main draw is, of course, the Tsukiji market street food. Shizuka and Leina sample all sorts of tasty treats during their tour, including classic sweet tamagoyaki rolled omelet, super fresh melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, and hearty home-made onigiri rice balls.

A staple Tsukiji street food, a block of tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet)

There are also sit-down restaurants where you can have more of a substantial meal, and Shizuka and Leina check out a donburi eatery to enjoy a lightly seared seafood rice bowl.

Seared seafood donburi from Tsukiji market featuring a large shrimp

Even though the market is mainly focused on seafood, Tsukiji street food also has plenty of dessert options. In the video, you can see a special type of taiyaki cake shaped like a tuna with a unique Tsukiji stamp, served piping hot and filled with sweet red bean paste, as well as a tuna-shaped, matcha ice cream sandwich. The perfect sweet treats to end a day of sightseeing with!

Close-up of a matcha ice cream sandwich from Tsukiji Fish MarketFish-shaped Japanese wafer filled with red bean paste

Tsukiji Outer Market hours tend to begin at around 5:00 am, but you don’t have to arrive that early to enjoy the experience. You can also combine your visit with a trip to the new Toyosu Market, which is only a couple of kilometers away. Just be sure to visit on an empty stomach so you have room for all the delicious Tsukiji street food!

Tsukiji Market Access Info

Tsukiji Outer Market is a 13-minute walk from Ginza Station (Ginza Line), a 5-minute walk from Tsukijishijo Station (Oedo Line), and a 6-minute walk from Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line).

From Shibuya Station, ride the Ginza Line from platform 2 for 16 minutes (8 stops) and get off at Ginza Station.

From Shinjuku Station, ride the Oedo Line from platform 6 for 21 minutes (9 stops) and get of at Tsukijishijo Station.

Take a Tour of Tsukiji Fish Market! 

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Over the course of four hours, you’ll explore the market, sampling the freshest ingredients along the way before having a go at creating your own sushi dishes under the expert guidance of a professional sushi chef. Perfect for bringing a little bit of Japanese food culture home with you!

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