Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Fukuoka Castle Ruins
The remaining walls and grounds of Fukuoka Castle now hold a pleasant city park, perfect for getting a panoramic city view, or enjoying a cherry blossom picnic.
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This castle hasn’t had an easy life. Built in the early 17th century, it was once the largest on the island of Kysuhu, but was tragically dismantled during the Meiji era as part of the government’s modernization plans. However, the site of the castle is now home to Maizaru Park, which retains some of the walls, moat, and minor towers from its days as a feudal fortress.

The castle was once the home to the feudal lord Kuroda Nagasama, who ruled over part of modern day Fukuoka Prefecture. His descendants kept their seashore all the way from the castle’s construction until the end of feudalism in the Meiji era.

Rather than battles and military drills, the grounds now play host to peaceful picnics and cherry blossom viewing parties. Visit during the sakura season and you’ll find walkways lined with the trees in full bloom. Where the main tower once stood, there’s now an observation deck which offers a panoramic view of Fukuoka City from this central spot.

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