Shinsekai Travel Guide

Untouched by the destruction of World War II, the nostalgia and neon of Shinsekai survive through its vintage shops and retro arcades, home to Osaka’s deep-fried skewer specialties, moorish and addictive kushikatsu.

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Il Povero Diavolo

Witness from start to finish the preparation of fresh ingredients, directly from the market next door.
Dinner: ¥10,000-14,999


Get your perfectly fitting, tailor-made sushi course meal in the sleepy suburbs of Osaka.
Dinner: ¥10,000-15,000

Au Soleil Couchant

Auvergne and Bouchon repertoire, bourgeois classics and regional French delights at this charming French eatery helmed by a France-trained young couple.
Lunch: ¥1,000-5,000
Dinner: ¥5,000-10,000

Taz-Ya Namba

At this Osaka shabu-shabu specialist, top-quality Omi beef, Tokachi pork and locally-grown organic vegetables are imparted with deep and complex flavors, thanks to the dashi made with premium ingredients, from Hokkaido to Kagoshima.
Dinner: ¥13,000-25,000

The “New World” of Osaka, Shinsekai is illuminated at night by its symbol of Tsutenkaku, an iconic Eiffel Tower replica boasting wonderful observatory views of Osaka City from the top. From below, the Shinsekai neighborhood remains untouched from its former days as an amusement park, now glowing with neon lights and 20th-century nostalgia. Shinsekai oozes coolness for its vintage shops and underground bars, while people gather in Jan Jan Yokocho to play go and shoji (Japanese chess) amongst rooms of retro arcade games and the sound of gacha gacha balls, popping with old school surprise. To the southeast, Tennoji Park houses the Osaka Museum of Art and Tennoji Zoo, but at its heart, Shinsekai is filled with cheap restaurants and authentic izakayas, and is the best place to taste the casual Osaka cuisine, kushikatsu or kushiage. These deep-fried skewers of miscellaneous meat, fish, and vegetables are addictive and panko-crumbed, ordered by the stick with a thickened soy sauce (but be warned, strictly no double-dipping). Many of Shinsekai’s kushikatsu restaurants are open 24-hours for a deep-fried fix around the clock.

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