Hachiko and Shibuya Crossing Travel Guide

Hachiko and Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya is the high-energy home to one of Tokyo's major centers for drinking, eating, shopping and partying, all marked by the iconic Shibuya Crossing that’s watched over by Hachiko.

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Shibuya Morimoto

This is Japanese local dining at its most authentic — grab a seat among merry locals and enjoy delicious yakitori grilled dishes.
Dinner: ¥4,000-5,000


Want to celebrate a special occasion with yakiniku and your loved ones? Ushihachi Shibuya gives beef lovers a gorgeous view of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing as they tuck into high-quality kuroge wagyu—all without breaking the bank.
Lunch: ¥10,000-20,000
Dinner: ¥10,000-20,000

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi (Shibuya Tokyu Food Show)

The best value sushi deal in Shibuya — this sushi counter offers delicious nigiri and rice bowls which leave you satisfied and your wallet unscathed.
Lunch: ¥2,000-3,000
Dinner: ¥2,000-3,000

Brasserie VIRON

Take a trip to Paris on the streets of Shibuya at this fully French-decorated boulangerie-brasserie.
Lunch: ¥999-999
Dinner: ¥999-999

The swarming Shibuya Crossing embodies the rush of the city itself, making for an overwhelming yet essential welcome to Tokyo. The world’s busiest crossing, the Shibuya scramble sees a million people each day, possibly the greatest number of people you’ll ever see in one place. Giant screens project color and noise while neon lights flicker overhead as thick crowds cross, upwards of 3,000 people at a time (watch local veterans deftly dodge in the streets, never bumping their neighbors). Some restaurants and bars offer great views of the Shibuya Crossing from above, serving delicious food and drinks and almost any cuisine you could wish for. The number one meeting spot in Shibuya, Hachiko patiently waits in front of Shibuya Station. Hachiko is Shibuya's adorable icon, the famous dog statue that’s loved by all, a landmark of the legendary tale of loyalty. As the story goes, Hachiko would go to meet his owner (a university professor) at Shibuya Station every day at 3 o’clock, and continued to return every day for 10 years, even after his owner suddenly passed away. Gather around Hachiko for an obligatory selfie or lose yourself in the exciting Shibuya scramble, the streets of Shibuya are wild and waiting to be explored.

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