Mount Okudainichidake

Mount Okudainichidake
A fantastic and difficult alpine hike which can be enjoyed by itself, or as part of a route across several more of the beautiful Tateyama Mountains.
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Standing 2602m tall, this is one of the best mountains in the Japanese Alps for intermediate and advanced climbers. The climb begins at the Mt. Dainichidake trailhead, and it’s all guns blazing from here, with a steep ascent right from the get go.

The rough and largely undeveloped trail leads top to stone stairs, and eventually to a boardwalk which makes things a little easier on the legs. Those who feel like a dip in a hot spring can stop along the way at Dainichi-daira Sansou Mountain Hut, or continue on to a patch of swampland.

Further on you’ll brave dirt trails, rocky sections, and more steep ascents before emerging triumphant at the summit. You’ll know you’re almost there when passing Shichifukuen Garden — a beautiful spot for stopping to enjoy autumnal foliage.

Those who’re feeling even more adventurous can continue even further down across more mountaintops — including Mt. Bessan with its Shinto shrine, and narrow-peaked Mt. Onanjiyama — eventually finishing up at the Murodo bus terminal on the other side.

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