With many unique dishes and authentic experiences hailing from the south of Japan, read this Hiroshima travel blog to discover local culinary delights and things to do in Hiroshima.

Split by rivers and bound by its history, Hiroshima is a unique destination in southern Japan featuring delicious regional food. The best local dishes and things to do in Hiroshima are well documented in our Hiroshima travel blog, where you can find useful travel tips for Hiroshima and the latest foodie news. Read about secret cafe gems or the best izakaya pubs in Hiroshima Downtown, or discover the best foodie hotspots such as Okonomiyaki-mura!

Featuring locally-grown oysters and lemons alongside sizzling Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki pancakes (layered to the nines), our comprehensive local Japanese food guide about What to Eat in Hiroshima will have your mouth absolutely watering! With details all about the best food in Hiroshima plus intel on some of the best places for local Japanese cuisine, our Hiroshima travel blog has everything you need to know about travel and regional food in Hiroshima, from sumptuous street snacks to vegan friendly restaurants.

Hiroshima is not just about the food; attractions like the Peace Memorial Park and the island of Miyajima are just some of the main attractions in Hiroshima and its beautiful surroundings. Our Hiroshima travel blog features a range of articles where you can learn about the best cultural and food experiences in Hiroshima and Miyajima island, as well as unique food tours and cooking class in Hiroshima that are on offer. Browse through articles in our Hiroshima travel blog for local travel tips, historical insights, and the city’s best (and tastiest) experiences.

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