6 Best Nagoya Cooking Classes in Japan's Red Miso Capital

By Emily Suvannasankha
Updated: December 9, 2022

You've heard of Tokyo and Osakabut do you know about Nagoya, the massive manufacturing hub and third biggest urban area in Japan? Conveniently located between Japan's most popular tourism regions, the capital city of Aichi Prefecture has a unique local food culture that shouldn't be missed! Nagoya is known for jazzing up classic Japanese dishes with its unusual regional variants, such as red miso katsu and tenmusu tempura onigiri. So why not take a Nagoya cooking class to connect with locals, learn about Japanese food culture, and take home new skills that will impress your friends?

6 Best Nagoya Cooking Classes

Here are the six best Nagoya cooking classes we recommend!

  1. Nagoya Home Cooking Class with Miso
  2. Nagoya Sweets Making Class with Tea Ceremony
  3. Nagoya Miso Cooking Class with Udon and Katsu
  4. Nagoya Sushi Making Class
  5. Nagoya Vegan Sushi Class
  6. Healthy Japanese Dishes Cooking Class in Nagoya

1. Nagoya Home Cooking Class with Miso

Tebasaki chicken wings and tenmusu tempura sushi spread on Japanese dishware with bowls of tea and miso

The chefs of Aichi Prefecture are known for tossing a savory dollop of yummy red miso into any traditional Japanese dish. In this Nagoya Home Cooking Class with Miso, you'll learn all the best ways to use this secret, versatile ingredient in beef stew and a variety of other dishes. Then, you'll whip up two of the most famously delectable Nagoya specialties: Nagoya-style tebasaki fried chicken wings and tenmusu tempura sushi!

For those who want to learn tips and tricks on using red miso in Japanese home cooking while also learning how to make tebasaki and tenmusu from a Chubu local, this cooking class is just the ticket.

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2. Nagoya Sweets Making Class with Tea Ceremony

Two rectangular pink sakura Japanese sweets plated on square white floral plate atop leaf

No Japan trip would be complete without a taste of delicious traditional Japanese wagashi sweets and green tea. This Nagoya Sweets Making Class with Tea Ceremony takes place in a beautiful renovated Japanese storehouse, or kura, furnished with tatami straw mats and traditional decor. Not only will you prepare several wagashi from scratch with ingredients from the cooking instructor's garden, you'll also be treated to a certified, immersive Japanese tea ceremony.

This cooking class is perfect for travelers who have yet to enjoy the incredible delicacy of Japanese sweets and tea, as well as lovers of authentic garden-to-table food experiences!

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3. Nagoya Miso Cooking Class with Udon and Katsu

Tonkatsu fried pork cutlet with dark miso sauce on plate with pile of shredded cabbage

When tourists ask what to eat in Nagoya, the first answer locals give is almost always "Misokatsu!" Nagoyans spice up traditional tonkatsu, or Japanese fried pork cutlet, by drizzling intense red miso sauce over it to make misokatsuso good that restaurants often sell the sauce separately for folks to take home! In this Nagoya Miso Cooking Class with Udon and Katsu, you'll learn how to make this famous local dish, as well as miso nikomi udon, the regional Nagoya style of udon noodle soup made with sardines and miso.

Anyone whose interest is piqued by either of these delicious local dishes should definitely check out this Nagoya cooking class to take home some amazing cooking skills!

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4. Nagoya Sushi Making Class

8 pieces of sushi (topped with red and yellow fish, rolled, topped with wasabi and roe) on red square plate with leaves

If you're looking for a cooking class in Nagoya that focuses specifically on sushi, look no further than this Nagoya Sushi Making Class, where you'll learn how to make four different types of sushi! Get a thorough look at the fine art of sushi making by preparing ball-shaped temari sushi, hand-rolled makizushi, fish-free vegetable sushi, and gunkanmaki battleship-shaped sushi. Take a calming walk around the cooking instructor's peaceful Japanese garden, enjoy a refreshing seasonal drink, then pick seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.

This tranquil cooking class is perfectly suited for travelers looking to take home some impressive sushi-making skills and explore a local Nagoya garden!

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5. Nagoya Vegan Sushi Class

Two pieces of vegan sushi topped with black mushroom on yellow plate

Finding vegan options in the realm of Japanese food can be a challenge, but this Nagoya Vegan Sushi Class should help solve that! Toss language barriers to the side and leave it up to your authentic local instructor as you learn to prepare inari sushi with sweet tofu skins, "battleship" tomato and okra gunkan sushi, and sushi topped with black mushrooms and tofu. After working up an appetite, you'll enjoy this delicious sushi with perfectly fluffy rice and vegan miso soup, plus a lovely green tea ceremony experience.

For those travelers looking for vegetarian or vegan options, as well as those interested in healthy alternative options to traditional fish-based Japanese sushi, this sushi-centric Nagoya cooking class should be your first stop!

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6. Healthy Japanese Dishes Cooking Class in Nagoya

Table filled with food on different plates and dishes, including sushi, chicken, rice, vegetables

Take part in this Healthy Japanese Dishes Cooking Class in Nagoya to gain deep insight into how to make traditional Japanese food that's good for your body and your soul! Inside her traditional wooden storehouse that's over 105 years old, your local Japanese cooking teacher will guide you on exactly how to make four dishes: teriyaki chicken, chawanmushi savory egg custard, deep-fried tempura made with vegetables and seafood, and karaage fried chicken. Don't worry about not being able to transfer these skills to your own home kitchen; the instructor will teach you how to use non-Japanese alternative tools to make the same delicious dishes in your country.

If you're eager to take home some healthy Japanese recipes in English and get precious hands-on experience whipping up a Japanese feast, this cooking class is definitely for you!

Book the Healthy Japanese Dishes Cooking Class in Nagoya >>

There's no better way to get an exclusive look into regional Chubu Japanese cuisine than with these local Japanese cooking classes. Complete with delicious Aichi regional options from misokatsu to tebasaki to vegan sushi, you'll come away from the experience a veritable expert on Nagoya cuisine! Book now to gift yourself and your fellow travelers an unforgettable, unique cooking class in the city of Nagoya.

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