Hilton Tokyo’s Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea: Seasonal Tokyo Dessert Buffet That’s Fit for a Queen

By Rika Hoffman
Updated: December 29, 2022

Last week, we had the chance to step into the shoes of an iconic historical figure and satisfy our spooky season sweet tooth with the Marie Antoinette-themed Queen’s Masquerade Afternoon Tea at the Hilton Tokyo's Marble Lounge.

A celebration of all things lavish and scrumptious, this all-you-can-eat Tokyo dessert buffet features mouth-watering morsels made with seasonal produce like apple, Japanese grapes, French pear, and kuri chestnuts; and a selection of beverages ranging from tea to cocktails.

Hilton Tokyo's display for the Marie Antoinette Queen's Masquerade Afternoon Tea with a spread of masks and sweest

Greeting us at the entrance: an elaborately-arranged table decorated with a spread of iced confections, swirled meringues, and delicate morselswhich surprisingly turn out to be convincing imitationshas been thoughtfully set up as a photography spot to prevent congestion in front of the dessert stations.

In the past, edible food has been displayed here, but in keeping with coronavirus precautions, Hilton Tokyo has chosen to deploy the realistic-looking fake food samples instead. It’s a sumptuous still-life spread fit for a queen. 

A platter with goblets, sweets, and lace, arranged at the Hilton Tokyo for the Marie Antoinette desserts buffet

Live Stations

Chefs wearing all white at the live station of the Hilton Tokyo's Marble Lounge during the afternoon tea service

Arranged around the Marble Lounge are live stations where chefs plate up desserts, adding finishing touches like a swift blow-torching of a mini cheese tart, and shaping the delicate fuchsia petals of the Rose Bud: a blackberry, cassis, and mascarpone mousse confection. 

Tokyo Dessert Buffet spread with Mont Blanc, cheese tart, mousse, and seasonal cocktail

One particularly mesmerizing contraption exudes thin strands of chestnut purée to complete the evocatively-named Mont Blanc cake, which utilizes in-season Japanese chestnuts. 

Afternoon Tea Desserts

Tiered afternoon tea cake stand at the Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge

Our relatively-sparse table was soon decked out with all manner of treats; the tiered cake stand completed with a platter of confections like the Rose Cream Macaron, Strawberry Rare Cheesecake, and Raspberry and Ruby Chocolate Tarteach impossibly pretty. 

Tokyo Dessert Buffet Spread: Rose Cream Macaron, Strawberry Rare Cheesecake, and Raspberry and Ruby Chocolate Tart

The heart-shaped macaron in particular had just the right balance of textures and flavor, with the crispy exterior shell and pillowy interior of a perfect macaron, a burst of freshness from the raspberry, and a satisfying snap from the chocolate garnish. 

Hilton Tokyo Dessert Buffet Cake Selection: white plate with 4 slices of cake

Several cakes were on offer, like the Pear Bavarois, Black Tea Poundcake, and Hazelnut and Coffee Dacquoise (essentially Nutella in cake form; and yes, it was just as incredible as it sounds). 

Dessert Wagon

Server dressed in a maid uniform at the Hilton Tokyo dessert wagon

A dessert wagon, carted by a server wearing a classic French maid uniform, came by after we were seated to ply us with even more delicate sugary treats, and our already heavily-laden table somehow generated more space for the sweets. 

These playful touchesfrom costume to decormake Hilton Tokyo’s afternoon tea seem more like a well-timed and orchestrated theatrical production than the basic dessert buffet.

Aerial view of a table filled with sweets from the Hilton Tokyo dessert buffet

The sweets that emerged from the wagon included the Fig Tart with Champagne Mousse with a sophisticated flavor profile; and the Red Currant Tart which showcased pleasantly acidic, pucker-inducing red currants to offset the sweet vanilla cream.

Savory Dishes

Savory spread at the Hilton Tokyo buffet

While the main attraction is the incredible desserts, we recommend stopping by the savory food station to load up on the addictively crunchy and sinfully buttery Cheese Pies to munch on for a bit of balance in between bites of the impossibly beautiful cakes, tarts, and pastries. Pro tip: the soup of the day is always a hit with guests!

Hilton Tokyo Dessert Buffet Details

When: October 1 - November 12, 2020

Time: 2 seatings daily 2:30-5:00pm & 3:00-5:30pm


Mon-Fri: Adults - 3980 yen, Children - 2400 yen

Weekend and Public Holidays: Adults - 4300 yen, Children- 2500 yen

(Prices exclude service charge & tax)

Online reservations: 

Phone reservations: +81-3-3344-5111

Please note that to prevent the spread of COVID-19, guests must come wearing masks, disinfect their hands, and have their temperature checked before entry. 

Macaron and other small treats laid out at the Hilton Hotel

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