Where to Eat in Odaiba

By Aleli Dorado
Updated: June 28, 2023

Seated at Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is a man-made island that was initially designed to serve as a defense citadel from possible attacks and invasion. Now, Odaiba, which sits at the other end of the iconic Rainbow Bridge that connects it to Central Tokyo, is at the forefront of leisure and entertainment, home to the famous Fuji TV. Tourists are greeted with a replica of the Statue of Liberty and a life-size Gundam robot. Adventure seekers who would like a glimpse of the cityscape can hop on the Daikanransha (the world's tallest Ferris wheel when it was erected in 1999), while technology nerds and car enthusiasts will flock to the various museums and science displays housed in Odaiba. Those who would like to take a dip can do so at the hot spring theme park, Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Odaiba provides attractions for young and old alike that not only entertain but also educate.

Tip: Take a cruise on a yakatabune for a different view of Odaiba!


If you need to replenish your energy after all the sightseeing and discovering the mind-boggling wonders of all those science displays, Odaiba has an array of food choices to keep you going. Wondering where to eat in Odaiba? This Odaiba Food Guide has you covered.

Where to Eat in Odaiba

Here are some recommended places to grab a bite to eat in Odaiba!

  1. Takoyaki Museum
  2. Sojibo
  3. Gonpachi, "The Kill Bill Restaurant"
  4. Hibiki
  5. Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai
  6. Tsuruhashi Fugestu

1. Takoyaki at the Takoyaki Museum

Takoyaki at Takoyaki  Museum

A tribute to one of Japan's most popular street foods, takoyaki is celebrated at the Takoyaki Museum. The museum, or more aptly, the takoyaki-dedicated food court, houses several takoyaki makers who have perfected the art of making takoyaki and put their unique twists on it. What makes it even more interesting are the takoyaki-themed arcade games that kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy.

2. Soba at Sojibo

Soba at Sojibo

Odaiba has an array of specialty restaurants like Sojibo, a Halal-certified restaurant in Diver City. This restaurant serves 100% Halal Japanese soba at reasonable prices. This cozy restaurant offers Halal tendon (tempura donburi, a Japanese rice bowl topped with tempura) and soba (buckwheat noodles). If you want to try a little bit of everything, you can order the set meal that includes tempura, soba, and sashimi. At this location, they also offer several types of Halal curry like beef curry, chicken curry, and tomato chicken curry, so you can enjoy the slightly sweet flavor and warming spices of Japanese curry.

3. Gonpachi, "The Kill Bill Restaurant"


For those craving charcoal grilled foods and authentic Japanese gastropub eats, Odaiba's branch of Gonpachi, Quentin Tarantino's inspiration for Kill Bill, stays true to the izakaya experience. Don't be deceived by its faintly lit interiors, Gonpachi has a lively atmosphere and serves grilled food goodness, a perfect match for those who would like to have a fun time out, and especially for Tarantino fans. You can find all of the classic Japanese food staples here, from yakitori chicken skewers to soba noodles that are made by hand every day. 

4. Hibiki


For a more luxurious izakaya experience, Hibiki is the place to be. Hibiki offers an all-organic menu of Japanese dishes made with seasonal produce. The fish is delivered super-fresh and the sashimi at Hibiki is raved about. There is also a fantastic view of Tokyo Bay from the restaurant. Hibiki is perfect for all occasions, with counter seating, table seating, and private seating which is perfect for couples. Or you can take advantage of the view of Tokyo Bay and choose to sit outside on the terrace to enjoy the gentle breeze.

5. Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai

Ramen lovers unite, as ramen from across Japan have converged at Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai. This ramen joint in Odaiba houses six famous ramen shops, each one with their own special style of ramen. There's the rich and milky Hakata ramen, a dipping style of ramen called tsukemen, and Setagaya ramen with a complex soy sauce-based broth made of boiled pork bones, chicken, and sardines. With many options to choose from, you are spoiled for choice!

6. Okonomiyaki at Tsuruhashi Fugestu

Osaka's pride and joy, okonomiyaki, has also found its way to Odaiba. With several different styles on offer, like six different types of classic okonomiyaki plus the chef's special, you can also upgrade your okonomiyaki to "modanyaki" level by adding yakisoba noodles! Sink your teeth into the savory okonomiyaki that Tsuruhashi Fugetsu has to offer on the 6th floor of Aqua City. For tourists, just flash your passport, and you can enjoy your customizable okonomiyaki at 10% less!

From a defense structure to becoming a bustling arena of science, communication, and entertainment, Odaiba has made its mark, combining the beauty of Tokyo Bay and the modern architectural wonders that adorned the area. It has blossomed into a seat where minds and technological advancements meet, an area that welcomes curious minds and adventurous palates. Hopefully, this guide to Where to Eat in Odaiba has given you a taste of the offerings of this futuristic island in Tokyo Bay so you can go forth and explore the attractions of this magnetic entertainment hub with renewed energy.

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