Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum
Flowing with dreams, exploration, and creativity, the Ghibli Museum brings one of Japan’s most famous directors, Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces to life.
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Lunch: ¥15,000-19,999 - Dinner: ¥15,000-19,999

Torikokuchuuka Suzuki

Lunch: ¥999


Lunch: ¥2,000-2,999 - Dinner: ¥2,000-2,999

A Tes Souhaits

Lunch: ¥999 - Dinner: ¥999

The Ghibli Museum is tucked away in a small part of Tokyo Prefecture, where visitors can escape center city life and enjoy the slower pace. For many fans, the Ghibli Museum has been a place of interest, since movies such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, are renowned worldwide.

Five unique rooms are dedicated to the animator’s life. Viewers can see how one blank slate goes through trial and error to become an amazing cinematic piece, and even witness an original short film in the theater room. Nature is also an important part of the museum, and the rooftop garden provides a great place to relax, enjoy a view of Inokashira Park, and take a picture with the Giant Robot. With a cute cafe right below it, visitors can have a quick snack while taking in the peaceful surroundings. Fans can also obtain their favorite Ghibli memorabilia at the gift shop.

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