Obubu Tea Farm Club: CSA Boxes Support a Tea Region That’s Steeped in History

By Rika Hoffman
Updated: March 11, 2023

Located in charming Wazuka Town, Kyoto, Obubu Tea Farm has three core values: quality, community, and education. Their Obubu Tea Club, established in 2008, was created as a way to bring tea makers and tea drinkers together through a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. 

Wazuka’s history as a tea-producing town stretches back 800 years, and the town is responsible for almost half of the Uji tea that’s made in Kyoto prefecture, considered some of the highest quality in Japan. Not only is Obubu Tea Farm active in their local community, but they also offer an international internship program that has hosted 126 interns from 26 countries and bilingual tours, aiming to educate visitors about Japanese tea and introduce the beautiful tea town of Wazuka.   


While international tourists may not be able to visit Japan currently, tea lovers can still take advantage of the Obubu Tea Club, which has been sending quarterly shipments of its tea to members across the globe since its establishment in 2008. Additionally, Obubu hosts online events so members can connect with the tea makers themselves and a monthly digital magazine for the latest updates about the goings-on at Obubu Tea Farm. 

When tourism does resume, Obubu Tea Club members are welcome to visit Wazuka for a tea farm tour, with an itinerary specially made for them. 


Serving the Community in Wazuka, Kyoto

With their subscription, tea club members will be supporting one of Kyoto’s most historic tea-growing areas. The membership fees go toward planting and caring for more tea bushes, promoting Japanese tea culture internationally, and organizing community programs such as charitable events for local elders and people with disabilities, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Included in the Obubu Tea Farm Club Membership:

  • Quarterly tea shipments (24+ different teas per year) 
  • Online events with the tea makers at Obubu (4 per year) 
  • Monthly digital magazine
  • Open invitation to visit Obubu Tea Farm 

For more information about the Obubu Tea Club, visit the Obubu Tea Farm website.

Book the Kyoto Tea Farm Tour in Scenic Wazuka and discover the beauty of this historic tea-growing area.

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