5 Halal Wagyu Restaurants in Tokyo

By Catherine Flores
Updated: October 27, 2023

Steak isn’t the only way to eat wagyu beef in Japan. There are actually many ways to enjoy this premium Japanese beef. You can have wagyu grilled yakiniku-style, boiled in special broths for hot pots like shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, and even wagyu sashimi. You can even find certified halal wagyu in Tokyo. So whether you’re craving some wagyu steak, yakiniku, or shabu-shabu, you can find them all at some of these best halal wagyu restaurants in Tokyo.

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Translated, wagyu literally means "Japanese beef." Known to be one of the most expensive meats in the world, wagyu is unique and lots of people pay a great amount just to get this premium type of beef on their plate. Wagyu is famous for its marbling, which contains high-quality omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, resulting in a sweet and nongreasy flavor enjoyed by its many patrons. It also has that umami flavor that everyone raves about.

Wagyu has a distinct color, texture, firmness, and even brightness which are all seen once you’ve had it. And another great thing about wagyu is that there are restaurants now that offer halal wagyu beef on their menu. Back then, looking for halal restaurants was tough but with the growing Muslim community, many locals and foreigners now have access to these restaurants. Now, everybody can enjoy this glorious premium beef without having to worry!

If all of this is making you hungry, read on for some of the best halal wagyu restaurants in Tokyo. Go ahead and indulge yourself in some of Japan's most premium meat, the coveted wagyu beef. Or, if you're in a seafood mood, we've got you covered with our article about halal sushi in Tokyo.

5 Halal Wagyu Restaurants in Tokyo

Here are some of the top halal wagyu restaurants in Tokyo that we highly recommend for a Muslim-friendly meal.

  1. Sumiyakiya
  2. Panga Yakiniku
  3. Halal Wagyu & Vegetable Shabu-shabu Asakusa Nagomi
  4. Kochuan
  5. Nishi-Azabu Sudo

1. Sumiyakiya

Grilled meat from  Sumiyakiya

If yakiniku, or grilled meat, is your thing, then Sumiyakiya is the halal wagyu restaurant in Tokyo for you. The restaurant has a minimalist, but classic Japanese atmosphere and cozy vibes, giving off the feeling of being at home. They use top-quality wagyu beef for their yakiniku, which they season with fresh herbs. The grills used for the yakiniku are all disposable, so people can truly enjoy their dish without being afraid of any mishaps. Sumiyakiya is a great restaurant to bring in family and friends and share a great time over delicious yakiniku and intimate conversations.

2. Panga Yakiniku

Another halal yakiniku place that will surely have a place in your heart is Panga Yakiniku. The place has been around for more than 16 years, serving top-quality halal wagyu to its guests, and earned its halal Certification from Japan halal Foundation, operated by Okachimachi Mosque. Everything here is made fresh daily. You can enjoy succulent and sumptuous yakiniku here without totally busting all your budget. You’ll instantly hear the sizzle of the halal wagyu beef slices once they hit the grill; the most satisfying sound there is. They also serve Japanese udon, with guests often pair with their halal yakiniku and other Korean dishes. But it’s their yakiniku that is worth coming back for.

3. Halal Wagyu & Vegetable Shabu-shabu Asakusa Nagomi

HALAL Wagyu Beef Shabushabu

This halal wagyu restaurant in Tokyo is a must-try if you’re into shabu-shabu hotpot and great times with family and friends. Asakusa Nagomi's shabu-shabu is to-die-for! It features thinly-sliced halal wagyu beef cooked in a special bonito broth, served with a variety of dipping sauces like thick sesame sauce. Everything is served fresh, straight to the table. If you want a little kick in your wagyu shabu-shabu dish, they can also provide hot sauce for you. Asakusa Nagomi is best for big groups of people, but if you want to chow down a serving of shabu-shabu on your own, you can also do that. After all, their halal wagyu shabu-shabu is simply one of the best in Tokyo.

4. Kochuan

Kochuan has been around for many years and continues to be one of the best and most authentic halal wagyu restaurants in Tokyo. One of their bestsellers is their halal Kobe beef course, which is good for one person. The gorgeously marbled wagyu beef melts in your mouth. While indulging in this juicy, premium meat, you can admire the Japanese garden before you. The place is perfect for those who want to get away from the rush of the city and just enjoy their serving of Halal wagyu and the beauty of Japanese tranquility.

5. Nishi-Azabu Sudo

Nishi-Azabu Sudo

Nishi-Azabu Sudo is a restaurant that cooks and serves all halal dishes. The main focus of the restaurant is its halal wagyu dishes. You can have them hamburg style or as steak. One of their bestsellers is their best-tasting and heavenly kuroge wagyu dish that everyone raves about. You can enjoy your kuroge wagyu seated on the counter seat while watching the chefs prepare and make their unique dishes from the open window of their kitchen. They also serve some of the finest seafood dishes where you can have the crispiest tempura or hot off the grill fish. The food may not come as cheap here at Sudo but it's really worth the price and experience.

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We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan’s food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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