Tokyo Events in November 2021

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Updated: April 20, 2022

October was a busy month, and November in Tokyo doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We are now fully into autumn and it’s beginning to feel like it. Despite the chilly weather, we can expect to see one of Mother Nature’s finest spectacles; the turning of the leaves from a gorgeous green to rusty orange to fiery reds, and now is the perfect time to go outside and explore the city, taking full advantage of all the events on show. With the night’s drawing in, towards the end of the month be prepared for city illuminations to pop-up across the city, making the long nights more beautiful and bearable.

November looks to be one of the busiest months yet, with the countrywide vaccination rate up and the number of new coronavirus cases down. There are plenty of events taking place around Tokyo ranging from food events to traditional cultural festivals. Luckily for you, we have made a list of all the foodie events taking place this November in Tokyo, so you don’t miss out on a thing.

Tokyo Events in November 2019

Here are the top events in Tokyo in November!

  1. Tahiti Festival 2021
  2. Takadanobaba/Waseda Ramen Rally 2021
  3. Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 
  4. Asakusa Tori-no-Ichi Fair
  5. Japan Fisherman’s Festival 2021
  6. Japan National Product Exhibition 2021
  7. The Local Nabe Festival 2021
  8. Setagaya Bread Festival 2021

1. Tahiti Festival 2021

Tahiti Festival 2021 will be hosted at Odaiba VenusFort, featuring Tahitian dance groups and their powerful stage performances. If you are interested in learning about Tahitian culture, this festival is a great opportunity to do so as there will be many booths for Tahitian products, miscellaneous goods, and of course, Tahitian food and drinks.

Dates: November 6th —7th, 2021

Time: 11:00 — 20:00

Price: Free(but limited audience of 50 seats each day)

Location: VenusFort - Google Maps, Koto City, Tokyo

Website: Tahiti Festa 2021

2. Takadanobaba/Waseda Ramen Rally 2021

The Takadanobaba/Waseda Ramen Rally is one of the top ramen battlegrounds in Tokyo, with 18 participating ramen shops in the area. It is a stamp rally, meaning guests can pick up stamp cards at participating Ramen Rally stores, get them stamped, and apply for prizes with the cards. There is a variety of ramen served at participating ramen shops, ranging from tsukemen dipping noodles to oil noodles to more wild flavors like yaki ago (grilled flying fish) shoyu ramen.

The Takadanobaba/Waseda Ramen Rally is one of those can’t-miss Tokyo events for ramen fanatics. As participants will decide the best ramen shop in the rally by general election, we can expect these ramen shops to pull out their best dishes as they compete for first place. 

Dates: October 1 to the end of December 2021 (end of the year business and holidays are according to each participating store business day) 

Time: All-day

Price: Participation is free; costs at participating shops apply

Location: Takadanobaba Station - Google Maps Shinjuku City, Tokyo


3. Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 

People line up outside of a curry stand at the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival, a sign reads "It's a curry land"

Shimokitazawa is hosting its 10th annual Shimokitazawa Curry Festival until November 14, 2021. This year, the festival will have 124 restaurants participating over the course of 18 days, serving special curry dishes and other unique food items available only during the festival period.

From classic Japanese and Indian curries to modern-day fusion dishes, such as curry takoyaki, curry soba noodles, and curry pizza, you're bound to discover your new favorite curry dish. There will also be snacks like sugary parfaits that resemble a bowl of curry rice and latte art decorated with the image of Curry Man, the official mascot of the festival. Don't miss this food-centric Tokyo event in November!

Dates: October 28th— November 14th, 2021

Time: All-day

Price: Free

Location: Shimo-Kitazawa Station - Google Maps 


Image: Shimokitazawa curry festival | 下北沢カレーフェスティバル | nakashi | Flickr

4.  Asakusa Tori-no-Ichi Fair

A picture of a wall full of bunches of flowers celebrating tori no ichi

Held on the day of the rooster (every 12 days in November), Tori-no-Ichi is a multi-colored long-running fair that dates all the way back to the Edo era. Tori (rooster) is known in the Chinese zodiac and Japanese culture as being auspicious, and this festival is all about wishing for health, prosperity, and good fortune in business endeavors.

There are a few other shrines that also celebrate these auspicious days, but the most well-known is Otori Shrine, which, while technically in Asakusa, is closer to Iriya Station. If you get peckish, the nearby streets are lined with Japanese street food stalls. 

Dates: November 9th— 21st 2021

Time: All-day

Price: Free

Location: Ōtori Jinja - Google Maps, Asakusa


Image: Tori no Ichi Fair | Tori no Ichi Fair is a Japanese traditio… | Flickr 

5. Japan Fisherman’s Festival

Japan Fisherman Festival food stall

Back for its 7th year in Tokyo, the Japan Fisherman’s Festival celebrates all things fish! And this year, with the additional aim of supporting reconstruction in Fukushima Prefecture following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, you can enjoy dishes using seafood from the Fukushima Prefecture, called Joban-mono. There will be various Japanese specialties like deep-sea tempura and even international options like paella, made with the freshest ingredients. One of the best things to do in Tokyo in November, don’t miss it as it’s going to be shrimply irresistible!

Dates: November 19th — 21st, 2021

Time: Friday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am to 6;00 pm

Price: 200 yen( free for elementary school students and younger)

Location: Hibiya Park - Google Maps, Chiyoda City, Tokyo


6. Japan National Product Exhibition 2021

After being canceled last year, the Japan National Product Exhibition is coming in 2021. The exhibition is a way for vendors to showcase their food products. Guests can grab made-to-go food, such as various seafood dishes, shumai, rice bowls, and fried items while exploring the freshest produce from all over Japan. If you are interested in buying a souvenir, the exhibition has some of the best, award-winning sake that can be purchased. If you want to go to one of the Tokyo events that can show you a glimpse of Japan’s entire food culture, the Japan National Product Exhibition is a must-go. 

Dates: November 19th — 21st, 2021

Time: 19th and 20th 10:00 to 19:00

21st 10:00 to 18:00

Price: Free

Location: Sunshine ity Exhibition Hall B - Google Maps, Toshima CIty


7. The Local Nabe Festival 2021

This year, we will be having the 8th local nabe festival at Jibiya park. Based on the annual winter tradition of eating nabe, hot pot, the festival will have numerous booths serving hot pots of each region in Japan, using a variety of ingredients such as seasonal fish, vegetables, meat, and many more. In addition, there will be special stage events such as local idol performances and street performances. If you are looking to attend one of the Tokyo events in November, the Nabe festival and its hotpot might just be the right thing for you and warm you up from the cold air of Tokyo in November. 

Dates: November 26th— 28th, 2021

Time: 26th and 27th 10:00 to 20:00

28th 10:00 to 17:00

Price: Free 

Location: Hibiya Park - Google Maps, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Website: local nabe festival @ hibiya park

8. Setagaya Bread Festival 2021

Enjoy special bread and sets made only for Setagaya Bread Festival 2021 by the various bakeries participating in the event. From savory bread such as matcha quiche and baked iki mo bread to sweeter options such as flower bean roll, the festival will have a large variety of specialty bread and guests will be able to satisfy their bread craving. Famous bakeries from all over Japan will gather and line up their delicious bread in rows. There are also drinks and other spreads and oils that are delicious complements to many of the bread offerings. If you are a beard lover, Setagaya Bread Festival is one of the best Tokyo events in November to attend. 

Dates: November 27th — 28th, 2021

Price: Free

Location: Setagaya Park - Google Maps, Setagaya City, Tokyo


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