Learn how to navigate your way through the diverse districts of Tokyo, find out where to find the cheapest izakayas in Osaka, or take a dive deep into the best itineraries for any trip to Japan with the handy Japan travel tips from this Japanese food blog.
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Perhaps you’re traveling in Japan on a budget, or you might only have one week to make the most of the crazy maze of a city that is Tokyo. No matter what kind of adventure you’ve got lined up, check out our food and culture blog and get the latest Japan travel tips to make the most of any trip to Japan! As a great introduction to different prefectures, our extensive articles covering what to eat and where to eat in Japan make a great starting point. Browse our travel articles to find out What to Eat in Shizuoka or the top things to do in Sendai. Read our tips to help create your plan of attack for so many delicious and diverse foodie destinations throughout Japan.

Armed with useful travel intel (like special travel campaigns) our Japan travel tips can help you save time and money, with more left over to spend on delicious Japanese food! Our Japanese food blog is also here to help anyone who’s traveling with a dietary requirement. It features mouthwatering articles about vegan and vegetarian dining in Japan, plus detailed guides for Halal diners, such as where you can find Halal food in Asakusa in Tokyo.

For those taking a trip to Tokyo, you can discover useful Japan travel tips about both its iconic and lesser-known districts with extensive neighborhood food guides, offering a great city overview. Or, you can dive deep into the world of bloggers with our articles introducing Japan travel bloggers from around the world like Canada, America, the UK, and more. We also regularly share guides covering upcoming events in Japan, so keep an eye out if you want to work some local experiences and festivals into your itinerary.

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